The Glador wedding favor offers the bride and groom a delightful way to express their unique personalities. Crafted of fine European materials with delicate rhinestones, faux pearls, and gold accents, these romantic symbols will be cherished by your wedding guests for years to come.

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Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage Favor

Glador's premier wedding favor. An elegant pumpkin carriage  bejeweled with rhinestones and accented in rich 24kt gold.  Your choice of tulle and Jordan almonds complete this romantic symbol of your wedding day. Item 100W.

Price $17.00

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True Love's Wishing Well Favor

Your romantic  story book wedding is the perfect place to share   Glador's True Love Wishing  Well Favor.  Elegant pearlized bricks are accented with rhinestones and 24 kt gold.  A generous pouf of tulle covered Jordan almonds complete this favor. Item 101W.

Price $15.00



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Love Birds Favor

The Glador Love Birds favor is an elegant remembrance of your special wedding day.   Two pearlized doves sparkle with rhinestones while perched atop a 24kt gold plated branch.  Choice of tulle and optional pearl spray is the finishing touch. Item 102W.

Price $8.00

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Glador's Potpourri Filled Heart Favor

Glador's Potpourri Filled Heart Favor is the classic symbol of romance and true love.  A delicate mix of dried flowers is suspended inside the heart while your choice of tulle and personalized ribbons make this favor a perfect match for  your special day. Item 103W.

Price $3.00



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Pearlized Rhinestone Flower

Simple yet elegant, this single flower will add sparkle to your   guests' eyes as they view its glistening rhinestones and 24kt gold filled plating.   A rich  gathering of tulle holds the traditional Jordan almonds. Item 104W.

Price $13.00


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Gold Cherub Favor

Floating on a cloud of tulle Glador's gold winged cherub angel adds a heavenly touch to any wedding decor.  Your choice of tulle holds Jordan almonds. Item No. 105W

Price $4.00