What better way to say thank you than with a gift from Glador's unique hand picked collection.  Enclose a special wedding   photograph, or personalized sentiment to make these gifts more memorable.

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Glador's Hinged Floral Box

Glador's Hinged Floral Box is precious enough to hold the most  valuable keepsake. A delicate floral motif covering the center, enriches the pearlized   finish.  24kt gold plated rims encircle both the hinged lid and the base. Item 200G.

Price $28.00



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Rectangular Keepsake Box

The most gracious way to say thank you is with Glador's deluxe keepsake rectangular box.  The lid is hinged and is adorned with simulated pearls and 24kt gold plating.  Perfect to hold a personal note of thanks for your wedding attendants. Item 201G.

Price $48.00


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Oval Keepsake Box

Similar to the box above, Glador's oval shaped keepsake box has the same adornments, but is slightly smaller with gently curved sides.  Item 202G.

Price $48.00



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Covered Pedestal Keepsake

This Glador keepsake is so precious, from its gently detailed base to its ruffled bow with rhinestones, it's sure to delight.  The top comes off to reveal a hiding place for little treasures.  Item 203G.

Price $25.00

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Round Frame with Laced Detailing

The lovely lace-like detail on Glador's pearlized round frame is the perfect accompaniment for your most special wedding photograph.  Encircled with rhinestones and 24kt gold filled trim, an offset bow adds the finishing touch.  Item 204G.

Price $34.00